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Creating intelligent sea salt projects

Lublia Sea Salt Plants is a Cyprus based specialist company with expertise, resources and a successful track record in the development of exceptional sea salt projects.

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Salt Industry

Through our expertise and experience, we offer solutions for sea salt plants who are looking to maximize their output and improve the quality of their product. By consulting businesses on how to adapt Lublia’s operational model and how to improve their procedures, we ensure that our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.


Expertise and

  • Design and Construction of Salines
  • Upgrading and Optimisation of Salines
  • Design and Construction of Sea Salt harvesting machines
  • Design and Manufacture of Wash units for processing Raw Material
  • Design and Manufacture of Stacking Systems
  • Design and Construction of Sea Salt Refinery Plants
  • Upgrading and Optimisation of Sea Salt Refinery Plants
  • Reconditioning and Maintenance of Salt Industry Machinery

After assessing your resources and needs we deliver optimum tailor-made solutions that will take your salt production and financial performance to another level.

  • Extensive salt industry knowhow from 6 decades of development
  • Simple procedures for the fast delivery of solutions
  • Exact customer needs to be met according to available raw materials
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